When I am not satisfied with a situation, I can go away, accept it without complaint, or take action looking for ways to transform it. I chose the last one. The world we live in, is not the one I dream of. I believe there is a great lack of listening and dialogue. As Art is a powerful tool for awareness and transformation, I look through art for ways to promote dialogue in times of social isolation.

This morning I read in the newspaper A Folha de São Paulo, the column by Claudia Costin, Director of the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Educational Policies, at FGV. The article talks about the need to invest in educational equity in Brazil, and sparked several thoughts that have been occupying my mind recently...
What a huge challenge we are facing in my country ...! I am so sad and devastated with the Brazilian situation ... (the world situation with the pandemic also affects me deeply, but this is another chapter). I don't know how or when we're going to get out of this! Children are our future! Without education and basic needs covered, instead of having next generations that positively drive the country's progress, delinquency and chaos will be aggravated ... I really want to cry! But I know it doesn't solve anything. I don't even know what to do to contribute !!! Discussions and polarization do not lead to anything either! I have been trying with my art to promote an awareness of the importance of perceiving ourselves as belonging to the same being, Gaia! If a part of society is suffering, is unhappy and sick, we are all, since we are part of this same living organism that is our beloved planet. This awareness should help us to rethink about the priorities and where to invest our resources. But I think what I'm doing is so little ..., I am starting not to see much sense in my art ...
I want my art to be revealing, liberating ...
I want my art to produce happiness and joy, to make me feel more human.

I hear the colors... the conversations between them...
Today I woke up asking myself: which way do I want to redirect my life? Where do I want to take my attention and what are my intentions with my creation? I am a witch and my art is my cauldron. But what magic do I want to do? I feel different and strange. I still don't know what's going on inside me. An artist and friend I admire, Barbara Groh, in a message said today: "we artists mirror our surroundings". This statement hit me so deeply ...! I think the feeling of disorientation happens because it is too early to measure and understand what happened with our surroundings. Barbara, you spoke so beautifully ... Thank you for opening this window of awareness to me!
We're in quarantine. I feel trapped in my orthogonality
Art is a powerful tool, with strength to promote sensitization, reflection, awareness, and transformation. Only the emotional experience is capable of bringing changes ...
My dear friend,
I need to outburst ...!
Our world, as it is ... or as it was ... my head is boiling!
Traditionally, many governments have directed significant resources to the army. Economic growth has often prevailed in decisions involving environmental issues. People fight for power and money (I want it too!). The "I" is the subject of the sentence. The “other” is just a complement; and "his" or “her” problems are "his" or “her” problems (thank God)!
It seems that Corona Virus entered our lives so recently and put everything inside out! Or were things upside down before?
The forced withdrawal has made me think a lot ...! This quarantine is not easy ...
Since the crisis began, some governments continue to be more concerned with the economy, and minimize the risks of the disease. However, the pandemic is not linked to the Stock Market. Much less a well-trained and well-armed army can contain the Corona Virus. If it spread around the world, other disgusting creatures should also be out there soon (not that I want to!). At least until we change the way we deal with the planet. Preserving the environment with education, health and housing is what helps to maintain balance and our survival! To see these priorities we need more humanity. A humanity more aware that what we have now. Intelligence is not enough! We need to respect, feel compassion and empathy for our similar, and also for our different.
Individualism has grown so much ...! We seem to be blind. We are not realizing that we belong to something bigger, to GAIA, our dwelling, our home. She is a living being ... We are cells of this body! Rivers and seas are her blood. If any of us are sick, the whole planet is sick. When we think of the Apocalypse, we mean the end of the world. It makes more sense to consider that we are the ones that are threatened with extinction. Nature is powerful! We are mistreating the body that shelters us, deforesting forests, causing climate change that brings global warming, fires, polluting the air, rivers and seas, there is so much war and misery ... GAIA is sick with our selfishness, thirst for power and greed . But she is strong! After a while and a few sneezes, she puts us out! The crisis passes, she recovers, regenerates, and that's it.
And us? It's over...
Technology brings great things, no doubt. Virtuality is pretty cool! How great when we communicate on social media when we are far away and unable to enjoy the presence of people we love. But there are limitations: we cannot satisfy our hunger with the image of an appetizing hamburger on the computer screen. Social media are useful tools, but they are not a substitute for face-to-face and qualitative interaction. We are in quarantine, without proximity, without touch, without hug! The value of direct contact has never been more evident to me!
I read a while ago, a theory about the reasons that led prehistoric man to make paintings in the depths of caves. I don't know about the validity, since no writing could prove it. I also don't know the source. But the theory is cool, and so I share: Prehistoric men believed that the Earth was the MOTHER of all living beings. The hidden spaces inside the caves would be like her belly. The animals they hunted and constituted their food, were gestated there. In order to accelerate the process and birth of these creatures, they tried to identify them in the recesses and protrusions of the walls, detaching and painting them, thus bringing them to a concrete plane.
I found all of this very inspiring and felt a great admiration and respect for Mother Earth!
I meditate a lot, concentrate my energies, and try to visualize the healing of our dear planet. After all, isn't thought the principle of action?
I've been questioning myself, looking for ways to act positively in the face of the difficult moment we are facing. Of course, disciplining thinking in search of a positive action principle is a good start. But I really want to go further, find a way to do my part, to contribute effectively, or better, affectively, to the health of my home, which is GAIA, and everything that is part of it. I'm still not sure how ...
I just know that when the situation caused by the Corona Virus improves and the confinement is no longer necessary, I will prioritize face-to-face meetings with the people who are important to me.
While in isolation, I have been struggling to learn how to use available electronic resources. Softwares like Microsoft Team, Zoom and Google Hangout allow virtual meetings with friends, and have become a very cool option! I am being beaten ... I am slow in these things. But soon I will know how to navigate.
That's it.
And, “let it go” !!!!!
Thank you for your patience with the outburst!
Together with it, I send everyone my best energies and vibrations!
Stay safe!

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