Video created for the installation NAKED AIR (Nú AR), 2013.

Naked AIR (Nú AR)
Video installation
Concept and Direction: MITOCÔNDRIAS COLLECTIVE (group formed by Monique Allain, Augusto Calçada and Lucila Meirelles).
Edition: Augusto Calçada
Original soundtrack: Marcelo Sanches

Projection in loop of the 3’21” video Naked AIR (Nú AR), built with three synchronized images covering three consecutive walls of a room.
The video installation Naked AIR is as an attempt to open a sensitive, artistic and philosophical dialogue with the public, involving our organic-cultural ecosystem, to promote reflection on social and environmental issues.

Still from the video NAKED AIR (Nú AR).

 The publication AESTHETIC ECOSYSTEM: NAKED AIR describes and discusses the contents of the video installation. It was presented in 2013 at the 22nd National Meeting of ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DOS PESQUISADORES EM ARTES PLASTICAS (ANPAP), Belém, Brazil. 

Draft of the video installation NAKED AIR (NÚ AR).

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