DIALOGUES - Connections with others
ART BABEL is a collective intervention at Cité Internationale des Arts, 2009.

ART BABEL 2009, Assembly of different expressions in the windows of the Cité Internationale des Arts apartments.

Print call distributed under each room door of all residents and employees of Cité Internationale des Arts.

Virtual and printed event invitation.
ART BABEL 2009 was an intervention with collective expression at Cité Internationale des Arts, conceived at the end of the residency period in order to promote an integration among all the institution's regulars. Interestingly, Cité did not have a collective meeting space for residents. People from different parts of the world, practicing different languages, co-inhabited, but were unable to share and exchange knowledge or impressions, to establish dialogues.
The need to break these barriers motivated the conception of collective and public intervention ART BABEL 2009. Related people, residents from different countries, visual artists, musicians, dancers, theorists, professionals of the Institution, in short, all those who were part of this Tour of Babel in the heart of Paris were invited to express themselves in their windows. The event, held on January 23, 2009, between 6 pm and 10 pm, was supported by the Institution and counted on the participation of numerous residents.
Symbiosis is the video installation created for the window 1422. Anne-Flore Cabanis, Matthieu Avril and Igor Gioconda Oliveira were invited to participate, with body and sound improvisation.

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