Video Recorded Actions
2008 – 2021
Those are series of videos, which reveal actions integrated into their specific time-space context, from the perspective of the body in motion.

NORTH SALEM ND 2021FEB04 4PM WALK, Video, 1’47”, 2021.

I perform the action while holding the camera and filming. The video captured during the process reveals the event from the perspective of the body in action, and not from the perspective of an external observer.
The camera lens is set in the zoom-in mode. Due to this, a blurred image is created, that amplifies the notion of displacement.
There is no acceleration of the images in the editing, and the sequences are preserved without any intermediary cut.
The images resulting from each action have their own autonomy and constitute an independent work. Each video can be presented individually, projected in large format, on a wall of a room, in order to provide the audience with an immersive experience.
The videos are also used as basic elements for building installations whose format varies, depending on the configuration of the place where they will be presented. They are like plants that spread and inhabit the environment according to the conditions of the space. Multiple videos are displayed simultaneously, projected on the walls and on monitors distributed throughout the space. Projections and monitors overlapp and form a kaleidoscope. This ensemble results in a profusion of sounds and images in motion, a mosaic of different situations cohabiting within the exhibition room.
The videos are looped and have varying lengths of time. The visual and sound composition of the set is renewed as the sequences repeat.
The videos are indexes, traces of the performances depicted in the videos.
Each “action & place & time” has its own chromatic and sonorous vibration. They are attempts to inhabit a particular situation within a suspended present continuous time.
I have been producing and accumulating this series of images since 2008.
I walk with the camera facing the ground.

NORTH SALEM ND 2021JAN31 10AM WALK, Video, 0’17”, 2021.

ASTORIA BLVD 2021JAN19 2:30PM WALK, Video, 0’37”, 2021.

NORTH SALEM ND WALK 2020OCT20 10AM WALK, Video 0’43”, 2020.

P PARATY B WALK, Video 0’59”, 2010.

P CAMPO 1B-1, Video 1’50”, 2008-2011.

P CAMPO 2B-3, Video 2’01”, 2008-2011.

P CAMPO 4B, Video 2’09”, 2008-2011.

P SAMPA 1B-03 WALK, Video 2’25”, 2008-2011.

P SAMPA 2B-03 WALK, Video 0’37”, 2008-2011.

PARIS 20081109 1, Video 3’12”, 2008.

PARIS 20081109 2, Video 1’12”, 2008.

VERSAILLES 20081109, Video 1’44”, 2008.

I circle in place with the camera facing forward.

NORTH SALEM ND 2021FEB04 4PM GROUND, Video 0’16”, 2021.

ASTORIA BLVD & 3OTH AVE 2021JAN19 2:30PM GROUND, Video 0’07”, 2021.

NORTH SALEM ND 2021JAN31 10AM GROUND, Video 0’14”, 2021.

I walk with the camera tuned sideways.

V-GUARAPIRANGA VIEW, Video 0’44”, 2008-2011.

V-JARDIM VIEW, Video 1’00”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 3B03X VIEW, Video 1’11”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 4B03-1 VIEW, Video 0’40”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 4B03-2 VIEW, Video 1’08”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 4B03-3 VIEW, Video 0’36”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 4B03-4 VIEW, Video 1’15”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 5B02-1 VIEW, Video 0’39”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 5B02-2 VIEW, Video 0’49”, 2008-2011.

V-SAMPA 5B02-3 VIEW, Video 1’29”, 2008-2011.

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