DIALOGUES - Connections with others
IDENTITY - Self Connections - Memories and experimentation of an expanded time in the present
ALIVE, Video 1’46”, 2008. Work selected for the “V Mostra de Vídeo FASM SP”, 2009, São Paulo.
ALIVE series of videos reveal actions integrated into their specific time-space context, in which I interact with the energy of that moment.
I perform the action while holding the camera and filming. The videos captured during the process reveals the events from the perspective of the body in action, and not from the perspective of an external observer.
The works are looped and projected individually on a wall in large format to provide the audience an immersive experience.
On a cold November night, tired of reflecting on issues involving my work during an artistic residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris, I decided to go to the street and connect with the city. Instead of thinking about art, my greatest desire was to live and experience the artistic creation in this incredible setting. I went walking to the gardens of the Trocadero. The city was shining with Christmas lighting and car headlights. Percussionists and acrobats with fire were practicing their performances. The majestic Eiffel Tower was standing in front of us. I got excited by the vibration and energy of the situation, and following the beat of the drums, I started to dance with the camera in my hand.

L-Paris 1, Video 1’36”, 2008.

L-Paris 2, Video 2’06”, 2008.

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