IDENTITY - Self Connections - Memories and experimentation of an expanded time in the present
Interactive audio installation with visual works by various other artists whose theme explores the meanings of the word SAUDADES.

Saudades, 2019, single channel video, 00:30'.

Saudades, 2024, English version, audio, 1:14'.

Saudades, 2024, Portuguese version, audio, 1:15'.

Saudades, 2024, Spanish version, audio, 1:13'.

Saudades, 2024, French version. audio, 1:09'.

Imagine yourself walking inside an exhibition room where various works addressing the meanings of the word "SAUDADES" are presented, while you listen to these four audio recordings on loop, each coming from one of the corners of the place. Feel within your body the words spoken in these different languages, the sounds blending distinctly and indistinctly, depending on where you position yourself.
Multimedia artists had works selected from diverse genders, exploring SAUDADE concept. "The Saudades Project seeks to artistically mine--and give new meaning to--the dynamic experience and emotional complexity of saudade by richly exploring the saudade of persons, places, or time, and the intersections of these through transmedia conceptions and representations."
The book would be released on January 30th, the day of Saudades in Brazil. Work has been done on getting several cities to host Saudades related events to promote the book and its artists.
The project has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Saudade | Galician: [sawˈdah-deh]; Portuguese:[saw' dah-deh], plural saudades".
In English, saudade is often explained as a word, impossible to translate, yet quantifiable as an emotion that encompasses a wholly relatable configuration of bittersweet emotions involving a distinct strain of profound, melancholic yearnings. This compelling feeling may be for a person, a place, or a time that has gone, and that may never return. Saudade is also a word for a deep seated longing for the idealized experience of one or more of these things when they have not yet happened, and perhaps, never will. It is said that if "missingness" were a word for a particular state of absence, then the condition of missing one or more of these things, might convey the contemplative, potent feeling of saudade."
The work REGINA, from the PORTRAITS OF ABSENCES was accepted for The Saudades Project.

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