Women Celebrate Women is a group exhibit that brings together women artists of diverse ages, backgrounds, and experiences to showcase their art and honor the ongoing legacy of women’s contributions, their strength, creativity, and resilience.
Explore the work of 60+ incredible artists of various disciplines, shaping the narrative of women’s achievements. Don’t miss this empowering celebration!
Avani Patel, Cathy O’Keefe, Darcy Spitz, Diana Kurz, Elaine Forest, Francine Perlman, Gale Rothstein, Irene Christensen, Janet Goldner, Janet Morgan, Janice McDonnell, Leah Poller,
Lois Bender, Lori Horowitz, L. K. Badenhausen, Maria Spector, Monique Allain, Olivia Beens, Sandra Mack Valencia,
Sandra Taggart, Stacy Bogdonoff, Susan Grucci, Syma, Teressa Valla, Vicki Pacimeo, Wendy Moss & others!

The WCW exhibit serves as a wellspring of inspiration, encouraging women to embrace their unique voices, tell their stories, and celebrate themselves and each other.

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