We artists are wizards. The studio is our kitchen. That's where we hide our secrets, where the process of “doing" happens! In our cauldron, dreams, fears, visions and pieces of existence are mixed to be transformed into colors, shapes and textures. We know the potion we want to make and for which purpose. The result comes naturally, but it is also always a surprise!
The studio is a magical stronghold, a sacred place, a refuge where not everything makes sense, because the meaning is yet to come. In it, we feel entire, totally at home, our skin coats the walls ... It is where our ideas seethe, and work happens naturally. It is a place where the clock stops, where we are free, we breathe and we exist!
Since the pandemic, I left the city and mounted a studio in a quit and beautiful area, surrounded by nature. The focus has been on connecting with the new place, and grounding. Isolation has stimulated concentration and introspection. Being in the middle of the woods allows me to sense a feeling of belonging, a strong connection to the Earth.

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