July 2021
 I am a multidisciplinary artist, educator and researcher, born in São Paulo to French/Mexican parents, and based in NY since 2018.
Intrigued by life and creation, I initially completed a Bachelor degree in Physical and Biological Sciences and did a postgraduate work in Human Genetics at University of São Paulo. Before engaging in the art field, I worked as an environmental consultant for the “Terra Capital Fund”, the first in the world focusing on biodiversity preservation.
However, something was missing. I understood that my vocation was to produce art.
Guided by the purpose of getting acquainted with the contemporary art scene and the mechanisms that act in the artist's profession, I worked from 2000 to 2002 as Assistant Cultural Manager at Casa das Rosas, a contemporary public art center in São Paulo.
Along with a group of artists, sharing the desire to accentuate the participation of visual artists in the processes of cultural decisions and expansion of the recognition and diffusion of visual art developed in Brazil, we created the Cooperativa de Artistas Visuais do Brasil (2003-2006).
In 2004, with the view to deepen and structure knowledge in the art field, and to maturate a personal language, I went back to university to study Visual Arts. In 2005-2006 I joined the artists Dácio Bicudo and Ivald Granato to create the “CEL1121”, a space for artistic actions. After completing a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts (2007), I was awarded a residency at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, 2008), and received a Master’s degree in Visual Arts (2011).
Discovering a high resonance with the thoughts of Moshe Feldenkrais, and interested in improving my process through the method he created, I complete the training and was certified by The International Feldenkrais Foundation (2015).
Invited by ABER (Associação Brasileira de Encadernação e Restauro) to create and coordinate the art division “NÚCLEO DE ARTE”, in 2013 I developed multiple programs which promoted the study and production of artist's books, as a study group for artists, an Artist Book course, and the Vitrine Project. The experience expanded my interest in printed art, and enabled rich exchanges with other artists. These programs allowed the practice and the maturation of a pedagogical project that involved conception, construction, and presentation of artworks. In the Vitrine Project, four annual exhibitions of printed art showcased the work of consolidated artists (2013-2019).
In 2017 I was approved and participated in the Program and Group of Contemporary Art and Production Studies (which focus on the deconstruction of certainties, experimentation and deepening of the creative processes) led by Paulo Miyada at the Tomie Ohtake Institute.
My work has been presented in one-person and collective exhibitions, in museums, galleries and public spaces in Brazil and abroad.
My most significant one-person exhibitions include Fluxos (2003) in Espaço Cultural dos Correios Rio de Janeiro, Art Babel (2009) in Cité Internationale des Arts, Horizontes (2013) curated by TOM van VLIET in Lourdina Jean Rabieh Gallery, and México Imaginário: um Livro Aberto (2016) in Hemeroteca da Biblioteca Mário de Andrade. In the exhibition Fluxos I presented bi-dimensional metal sculptures of the series Inconsciente and Janelas, which revealed the strong influence of Brazilian Constructive Art (Concretismo and Neoconcretismo). I ART BABEL 2009 was presented while doing my residency at Cité Internationale des Arts. The work was created as an attempt to establish a communication channel between residents from different parts of the world, without a common language and place to congregate. I conceived a collective public intervention, inviting all to express themselves in their windows. The project was carried out with the support of the Cité Internationale des Arts. In the exhibition Horizontes, I presented the outcome of my deep interest and research in space and contemporary image. Eroded sceneries located in an undefined field between reality and fiction emerge from hybrids produced with digital fusion of landscape photographs and paintings. With Mexico Imaginário: um Livro Aberto, I meet my Mexican roots and recognize the influence of that civilization in my identity. Brazil, where I was born and lived until 2018, is a colonized country, mixed with multiple cultures, still searching to consolidate a cultural identity.
I participated in several collective museum exhibitions as México Imaginário (2002) in Casa das Rosas, Olhar Impertinente (2004) in Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Contrapontos (2012) in Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo, and Elas: Mulheres Artistas no Acervo do MAB (2016) in Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB). In the México Imaginário Exhibition curated by artist Felipe Ehrenberg, I was challenged to search and identify my Mexican background. The artist book produced in 2016 and presented in my solo exhibition “México imaginário: memórias herdadas, vividas e inventadas” in ABER (mentioned above), was a continuation of this process. For Olhar Impertinente (Impertinent Look), in partnership with Dácio Bicudo, thinking about how self-criticism can be destructive, we presented a panel with the image of both and a target printed, pierced by gun bullets. For Contrapontos (2012), the video installation Requiem was presented. The work is a criticism of values and material attachments from religious institutions, highlighting the strong influence of religion on Brazilian politics and society. During my art residency in France, I explored my paternal roots, investigating the relationship between identity, memory and entropy. The work presented in the exhibition Elas, crystalized this exploration.
I participated in several international exhibitions including Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, 1st Latin American Maimeri Award in Buenos Aires, Contemporary Art 2000 at Espace Auteuil in Paris, Puls Art at Cité des Arts in Le Mans, Ars Latina at Museo Internazionale Dinâmico Di Arte Contemporanea in Belforte del Chienti, Italy.
My work is included in the permanent collections of the following institutions: MAB, Espaço Cultural dos Correios, Palácio 9 de Julho, and Benetton Foundation. 

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