September 9, 2021

Curator’s Notes
ODETTA Digital is pleased to present our Fall 2021 exclusive exhibition, FLOW, on Artsy from September 10 - December 9, 2021, curated by Director Ellen Hackl Fagan.
Going with the flow, being in the flow, managing the flow, have been key behavioral traits that we have all employed consistently since March 2020. In addition to how our lives have adapted and shifted since the earliest days of the pandemic, we now find ourselves ever more acutely aware of global warming and the dramatic weather events that appear to be stacking up, causing an added layer of chaos and problem solving.
Through it all, the call to respond to these events in our works of art gives us nourishment, and spreads that healing goodness to those around us. As a curator and director of ODETTA Digital, I continue to feel the power of creativity, and always want to keep those floodgates open to receiving more.
FLOW presents works by 32 artists, with a dominant theme in their work focused on climate change and the environment. The artists participating are:
June Ahrens, Monique Allain, Emily Berger, Charles Birnbaum, Michele Brody, Amy Cheng, Linda Cunningham, Mary Dwyer, Diane Englander, Kate Fauvell, Deborah Freedman, Susan Hensel, Nils Hill, Inka Juslin, Brigid Kennedy, Barbara Lubliner, Cynthia MacCollum, Mary McFerran, Barbara O’Shea, Samantha Palmieri, Debra S. Pearlman, Jennifer Printz, Peggy Reeves, Joan Reutershan, Anne Rynearson, Stephanie Serpick, Elke Solomon, Connie Newton Stancell, Judith Steinberg, Phylicia Eileen Tierney, Amy Vensel, and Sung Won Yun.
These thirty-two artists share a commitment to their professions and continue to create as we all witness and weather the challenges before us. From street photography to landscape to abstraction, each possesses their own signature style, and a willingness to explore new modes of presentation. Many of our artists are engaged in curation, teaching, and other careers as they pursue their art. ODETTA Digital is a place where we are all encouraged to build community and social media skills, in a combined effort towards successfully connecting with collectors and other artists through the Artsy platform, as well as IRL exhibitions now opening up through the SHIM Art Network.
By staying in the flow, we will continue to stay open and enjoy growth in our mutual support of each others’ works.

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