ODETTA Digital presents Nature's Way
September 22, 2023 - February 22, 2024
exclusively on Artsy.
Click here to see the exhibition.
Click here to see Monique Allain's works in the exhibition.
“Nature’s Way” is an exhibition demonstrating how artists select their subject matter when
creating a work of art. Oftentimes artists are drawn to depict what they see, both in the outside
world, and in their own mind’s eye. Motivated by beauty, curiosity, emotion, and technology,
artists often pursue making art as a means of better understanding their thoughts or tools.
There are also those artists who let the tools and materials show them what they can do
unleashed by typical controls imposed like the use of a brush in painting. This type of artist
revels in the random, a happy accident, relying on it to teach them more about the unseen
forces in the world around us.
Guiding this interest in bringing together an exhibition titled “Nature’s Way” is a reference to the
Roman philosopher and poet Lucretius, circa 99 - 55 BC. Titus Lucretius Carus is credited with
being one of the first philosophers to propose that humans are not subjected to fate, or rewards
and punishment by the Gods. He posits that we are a part of a universe composed of atoms.
Their fate is based on scientific reasons, rather than supernatural ones.
In Lucretius’ poem, “On the Nature of Things” he discusses that atoms have a swerve, resulting
in a type of behavior that he refers to as “free will.” This free will directs internal agency, from the
atomic level on up to all living creatures, and humans. This agency allows us the space for
passion, imagination and our human need for creativity.
For ”Nature’s Way”, fifty-three ODETTA Digital artists are offering works that demonstrate their
inner voice, that inner stirring that prompts them to make a work of art, in order to understand
their subject better.
The artists are:
Monique Allain, Jeff Becker, Laura Bell, Suzanne Benton, Emily Berger, Hüma Birgül, Stephanie
Bernheim, Cindy Bernier, Charles Birnbaum, Richard Bottwin, Paul Brandwein, Susan Carson,
Sandra Cavanaugh, John Cox, Michael Dal Cerro, Jane Dell, Jessica Dowling, Joan Elliott,
Camille Eskell, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Mimi Graminski, Ed Grant, Adam Hoch, Barbara Hocker,
Bob Keating, Natalya Khorover, Bonny Leibowitz, Barbara Lubliner, Cindy MacCollum, Nancy
Manter, Mary Mattei, Nancy McTague-Stock, Nina Meledandri, Ginny O’Brien, Barbara O’Shea,
Paz Perlman, Joyce Pommer, Peggy Reeves, Joan Reutershan, Fiona Ross, Andra Samelson,
Jane Sangerman, Bob Seng, Marjorie Sopkin, Susan Stair, Connie Newton Stancell, Judith
Steinberg, Linda Stillman, Ravenna Taylor, Margaret Tsirantonakis, Linda Turner, Annette
Weintraub, Mimi Young
“Nature’s Way” is ODETTA Digital’s tenth online exhibition, shown exclusively on Artsy, through
the SHIM Art Network. Composed of the works of fifty-three artists, this exhibition continues the
mission of ODETTA Digital and the SHIM Art Network, which is to open doors for artists into a
network of creatives in the global marketplace. The exhibition will open on Instagram the
weekend of September 22 with a unified series of posts from the artists to direct us to the
exhibition’s launch on Artsy.
All artworks are available for purchase on Artsy. Inquiries about the works are always welcome.

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