Serious Play
ODETTA Digital_Summer 2022
Exclusively on Artsy
June 10 - December 8, 2022

Curator’s Notes
Ellen Hackl Fagan
June 10, 2022
As voiced by artist Susan Hensel, we are “At play in the fields of color perception.”
The artists at ODETTA Digital are engaged in Serious Play.
Their works invite a glimpse into the mind, the being, and humor.
Forged from imagination and life experiences, their unique works are created with fearless abandon.
The tie that binds these artists for ODETTA Digital director, Ellen Hackl Fagan, is color saturation as a dominant form of expression in their works for this exhibition.
Color becomes their platform for expression, emotion, an awareness of our body and its place in space.
It’s a serious game, this deep dive into color.
There are also rare moments where the color is reduced to black and white.
These works serve as rests in our color song, pulling back, contemplative, a moment to take a breath.
ODETTA Digital presents our current group of artist members as we enter our third year online with glee!
On view are works by:
Tomoko Abe, Denise Jones Adler, Monique Allain, Jeff Becker, Suzanne Benton, Emily Berger, Stephanie Bernheim, Charles Birnbaum, Paul Brandwein, Marco Bras, Michele Brody, Janine Brown, Seth Callander, Amy Cheng, Ann Chernow, Michael Dal Cerro, Susan Dumas, Robert Erickson, Camille Eskell, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Joan Fitzsimmons, Charles Geiger, Cora Jane Glasser, Matti Havens, Susan Hensel, Tayo Heuser, Nils Hill, Inka Juslin, Brigid Kennedy, Joanne Lobotsky, Barbara Lubliner, Cynthia MacCollum, Nancy McTague-Stock, Barbara O’Shea, Debra Pearlman, Lisa Pressman, Peggy Reeves, Joan Reutershan, Fiona Ross, Anne Rynearson, Christina Saj, Andra Samelson, Karen Francazio Sanders, Jane Sangerman, Susan Still Scott, Suzan Shutan, Madeleine Soloway, Marjorie Sopkin, Connie Newton Stancell, Judith Steinberg, Linda Stillman, Annette Weintraub, Sarah Zeffiro
Director Ellen Hackl Fagan is committed to encouraging and mentoring artists to gain their voice and hone their social media tools as we all navigate and stay visible during these pandemic years. Alternative gallery communities like ODETTA Digital enable artists to take command of their images and marketing tools, while fostering a community in virtual space.
As Fagan gains more in-depth knowledge of the breath of each artist’s portfolio, opportunities for exhibitions in real space also expand for the artists. The SHIM Art Network is facilitating a partnership for galleries like ODETTA to bring artists into the global community with art fairs, shared gallery spaces, and collaborations.
“Serious Play” will be on view on Artsy through the SHIM Art Network through December 8, 2022. We will create a synchronized series of posts to celebrate the opening of Serious Play on the weekend of June 24 on Instagram.

SHIM Art Network is an art exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with exhibition space for their projects on- and off-line.

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