Single channel video in loop
5’34 ”

The television is often kept on to reduce the feeling of loneliness. The program content does not matter.
What is the meaning of this?
A lone candle burns with the voice of television as the only companion. The candle is consumed until the end, while the audio is composed of sound fragments extracted from programs and advertisements.
The work was designed to be projected on the wall of a dark room. The projection with approximately 120 inches of extension produces an intimate atmosphere which involves the public. One or two ottomans distributed in the space invite people to take a break and rest while the work goes on.
The COMPANION video explores the tensions between image and sound, and the possible resignification of them by their associations.
Single channel video in loop selected for the FASM / SP video show, June 2008.
2’36 ”
Camera: Regina Jehá and Wellington Luiz
Editing: Adolfo Borges

The greater the range of the outward look, the deeper it becomes inward.
How can I escape the feeling of oppression and confinement when the verticality around me leaves no room for the depth of the gaze?
When do I no longer meet the horizon line?
In the horizon video I'm looking for this line.
Single channel video
1’11 ”

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