With my feet in the air, I live and create in search of my place and my peers. I wish to inhabit, establish bonds, and built affections. As a social environmentalist at heart, I love nature and people. The artworks are experimental and procedural, with frequent improvisation, and public participation. They investigate identity and its dynamic relation with space, time and otherness. Why and how could we recognize simultaneously our particular and our collective nature?
Performances, urban interventions and “habitations (audio-visual installations) are offered. Exploration and hybridization of diverse media, such as audio, video, photography and painting are used to expand undefined zones of transition. There is an intention of subverting space-time constraints, to obtain perceptual situations of encounter and exchange, in which a present continuous time can be experienced. The present is the future!
Suely Rolnik's publications, and both the works and the writings of Lygia Clark are prime references that stimulate and nurture the production of artworks.

Photo taken by Maria-Gracia Donoso

Foreigner everywhere, daughter of a French father and a Mexican mother, I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and live in New York since 2018. My roots and ties are in all these places. Main references are inherited, lived and invented memories. They are mixed and confuse. The mystery of being alive fascinates me. Fractals, Dynamic Systems, and Chaos Theory are sources of inspiration. Among snakes and lizards, by mistake I became a biologist. When I tripped over a camera I realized that life was to be lived with poetry. In 2000 I threw everything up, started creating, and went back to study. After completing a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts (2007), I was awarded an art residence at Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris, 2008), and in 2011, I received a Master’s degree in Visual Arts. I have participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, in institutional, public, alternative spaces, and galleries.

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