Artist, researcher and educator, Monique was born in São Paulo. She produces urban interventions, collective actions, performances, and audiovisual installations, which promote encounters and exchanges with space and people. The work is experimental and procedural. There is an engagement with social environmental issues. Monique has participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, in institutional, public, alternative spaces, and galleries.

Photo taken by Maria-Gracia Donoso

I am a foreigner everywhere. Daughter of a French father and a Mexican mother, I was born in Brazil and live in New York. My roots and ties are in all these places. Main references are inherited, lived and invented memories. They are mixed and confuse. With my feet in the air and clouds, I live and create in search of my place and my peers. I wish to inhabit, establish bonds, built affections. As a social environmentalist at heart, I love nature and people.

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