Photo: Maria-Gracia Donoso

I am a multidisciplinary and multimedia ART(IV)IST which supports life with peace in a sustainable environment.
Based in NY since 2018, I was born in São Paulo to French/Mexican parents. Foreigner everywhere with scattered roots and memories, I live and produce in search of my place and my peers.
In my studio I am a wizard! That’s where I hide my secrets, where the process of “doing” happens! Dreams, fears, visions and memories are mixed and transformed into colors, shapes and textures. I know the potion I want to make and for which purpose. But the result is always a surprise.
My subject of interest is IDENTITY regarding its particular and collective nature, and its relationship with space, time and otherness. Following this matter, I do performances, installations and interventions in which situations of connection with the environment (GROUNDING or HABITATIONS), situations of connection with others (DIALOGUES), and immersive situations of self-connection can be experienced. I use video, photography and painting, exploring the synesthetic potential of the limits, transitions and overlays of those diverse medias.
Lygia Clark in her search for the “Structuring of the Self”, and Moshe Feldenkrais with his Awareness through Movement method are prime references. Biology, my first training, is an inspiring source in terms of thematic and creative process.

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