Artist, researcher and educator, Monique was born in São Paulo. She produces urban interventions, collective actions, performances, and audiovisual installations, which promote encounters and exchanges with space and people. The work is experimental and procedural. There is an engagement with socio-environmental issues. Monique has participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, in institutional, public, alternative spaces, and galleries.

P Paraty, Series Percursos, vídeo produced for the video installation Versos Paralelos, 2008-2011.

 The artworks are experimental and procedural, with frequent improvisation, public participation, and and socio-environmental engagement. They investigate identity and its dynamic relation with space, time and alterity. Could Earth be perceived as a body if seen from outside? Is space a body? Despite our individuality, are we separable from environment? Why and how could we recognize simultaneously our particular and our collective nature? How to accurate connection with space, present time and others?
Fractals, Dynamic Systems, and Chaos Theory are sources of inspiration. Performances, urban interventions and “habitations (audio-visual installations) are offered. Exploration and hybridization of diverse media, such as audio, video, photography and painting are used to expand undefined zones of transition. There is an intention of subverting space-time constraints, to obtain perceptual situations of encounter and exchange, in which a present continuous time can be experienced. There is an intent  to use art, as facilitator for practice of listening and establishment of connections. Notions of awareness through movement constitute foundations in the creative process.
Suely Rolnik's publications, and both the works and the writings of Lygia Clark are prime references that stimulate and nurture the production of artworks.  
 New York, October 2019.

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